How To Measure

Click here for PDF Printable Measuring Sheet

  1. Print PDF sheet on paper
  2. Verify the ruler printed the correct size. It should measure 4 3/8 inches.
  3. Tape one end labeled START to frame of bike near the top of the seat tube.
  4. Wrap paper ruler around frame tube
  5. Read measurement closest to the starting line position
  6. This measurement is the size of the Quick-Release Seat Lock you should order.

How to use your Quick Release Seat Lock:

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stepone_lg 1. Remove existing seat collar and seat.
steptwo_lg 2. Slip new Quick Release Seat Lock onto bike tube, aligning the splits on bike tube & seat lock. Insert bike seat.
stepthree_lg 3. Adjust seat to desired height. With lock handle fully open begin tightening lock while holding embedded thumbscrew with thumb.
stepfour_lg 4. Continue to tighten handle aligning lock handle with hole in lock body. Close handle, inserting lock into lock body, turn key to lock, remove key.