Save your bike seat from theft with our locking Quick-Release Seat Lock and helmet lock.


The Quick Release Seat Lock is the first product offered by Grove Tools Inc. to improve and ensure a persons ability to protect their investment without giving up any of the conveniences that have been developed to make cycling more enjoyable. Allows for a person to quickly release or adjust their seat with the assurance that when locked the seat cannot be stolen.

Replaces the standard seat post clamp without sacrificing style or convenience. Quick Release Seat Lock uses a standard lock cylinder that can be keyed the same as other bike accessories.

Made from 6063 aluminum; it is strong and lightweight, weighing only 113.4 grams. The finish is black anodized.

Perfect tool to protect against theft. It will be useful to anyone who rides a bike. It is the first tool that allows the seat to be locked to the bike frame with a key, without the use of cables and padlocks.